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Slot machine Tangra Touch Scheme Slot machine Tangra Touch

The Tangra Touch SLT is designed to answer the needs of both player and casino operators alike, and it is developed in the spirit of constant improvement in player ergonomics, serviceability and durability, and in terms of best material and processes used. The smart design of the cabinet combines the solidity and reliability of the slant tops with the elegant appearance of the uprights.

Particular attention is paid to the simplicity in construction and component placement, and the use of the best available components and peripherals. Introducing completely new feature is the largest on the market player interaction area, which includes large game buttons, spectacular 7 or 10-inch entertainment monitor, ergonomically placed peripherals, and the most room for upper torso support for the player.

The build-in modularity and the large customisation options allows us to custom-complete the cabinets according to the specific needs of every customer adding individual touch in terms of colours, branding, decorative textures, button keyboard placement, peripheral devices, etc.


  • A new distinct shape
  • A standard size cabinet and footprint, guaranteeing perfect fit in the line with the existing floor cabinets
  • Pair or single 22” or 26” Panorama screens with wide viewing angle
  • Different top box options
  • Additional 7” or 10" touch screen display that turns into player tracking or multimedia
  • New ergonomic keyboard featuring high quality large push buttons and optional sensor buttons
  • Powerful sound system with finely tuned subwoofer
  • Attractively designed front door featuring electro luminescent display
  • The new Tough Ryder TM platform with its innovative and easy to use push-out mechanism and front panel diagnostic LED display


  • Dual 16:10 Panorama LCD display – 22 “ or 26 “
  • 3rd 7 ” display built in the keyboard panel
  • Touch screen
  • Bill acceptors (JCM or MEI)
  • Coin acceptor and hopper
  • Player tracking ready *
  • Printer ready
  • Powerful Sound system 2.1

* The cabinet has the option for completing with player-tracking and cashless modules from the most popular systems.