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Custom Design - Game Design

The management team of Casino Technology recognizes the necessity for original, custom games that the big casino operators experience, in order to establish personalized presence on the market among the other competitors.
To be able to completely satisfy its customers requirements the Company offer to its serious and loyal customers this incredible opportunity - to develop for them custom game concept and complete game design with a complete realization of the custom project assignment.

Based on the type of the assignment we can develop for our customers a gaming concept, a mathematical model, themed art and graphics, sound effects, as well as statistical analysis and test.
To complete the project and make a final game ready to go in the casino, additional steps are performed - software programming for one of the computer platforms used by the Company, as well as testing and certification - which take the projects all the way from the simple idea to the complete realization ready to be installed in a gaming machine and start operation.

If you are interested to have customized games for your casino, please contact us at: