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Networking Systems

Jackpot systems are structured through the connection of the slot machines in a network wherein a certain percent of the placed bets on those slots is accumulated in a central controller (server). The accumulated jackpot amount is won by the winning of a particular combination (usually the highest paid). This is managed by software installed in the central jackpot controller that randomly selects any of the participating and slots in play at the moment.


UnlinkThe UNILINK system is developed for local, average size casinos (up to 40 slot machines). This system is universal and is able to maintain up to 8 jackpot groups, including 2 mystery jackpots with different denomination and hit frequency. Besides gaming machines, manufactured by Casino Technology, to this system can be also linked slot machines, produced by other companies, if their gaming boards support mechanical Bet counters. Such machines can only be connected to Mystery jackpots. The system requires a controller of UL-KS type and UL-AD adapter modules, which are connected to the bet counters. The jackpot parameters are adjusted by means of a simple keyboard and the setup data is shown on the jackpot display. SVM, SVC display types are supported.


MinilinkThe MINILINK system is developed to connect small local networks (up to 12 slot machines). This system is optimized and developed specifically for the slots manufactured by Casino Technology. They are suitable for use in set groups of slot machines, especially when they are in limited quantities (for example leased slots or rented).

MinilinkThis system uses an improved communication protocol with a small local server-controller type ML-KS containing software for 4 groups of mystery and 7 groups of progressive jackpot. The jackpot parameters are adjusted in the server set-up menu on any of the machines connected to LAN. Each Casino Technology slot machine needs an additional opto-buffer, type ML-OB. The current jackpot value for every jackpot group is viewed at the top of the screen of every machine connected to LAN, as well as on the common jackpot display (SVM, SVC type).