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February 2011



Casino Technology is launching their latest PROTM and 3D POWEREDTM video-slot series in London

Press release    - PDF file /EN/ (47KB)

Pictures -

Motormania Jackpot system with Tangra Touch video slot machines - ZIP file (667 KB)

Absolute Games series - Gamopolis III, IV and V - ZIP file (1 MB)

Gemini Sensa Plus video slot machines - ZIP file (722 KB)

Casino Technology IGE 2010 stand - ZIP file (1.93 MB)

Casino Technology IGE 2010 stand - ZIP file (550 KB)


Casino Technology celebrates its 10th Anniversary launching a series of high technology products at BEGE 2009

Press release    - PDF file /EN/ (76KB)

Press release    - PDF file /BG/ (241KB)

Pictures -

Casino Technology stand at BEGE 2009 - ZIP file (1.91 MB)

Casino Technology stand at BEGE 2009 - ZIP file (1.89 MB)

PlayMe Dueling Piano - ZIP file (1.41 MB)

PlayMe Dueling Piano - ZIP file (2.07 MB)

PlayMe Dueling Piano - ZIP file (2.52 MB)

Tangra Touch - ZIP file (1.56 MB)


New products from Casino Technology mark 10 years of success

Press release    - PDF file (66K)

Pictures            - JPG file (278KB)

November 2008

Another successful show for Casino Technology in Latin America

Press release    - PDF file (62K)

Pictures            - ZIP file (539KB)

Pictures            - ZIP file (640KB)

Casino Technology products on focus at G2E 2008 - PlayMe Dueling Piano™ and PlayMe VideoSlot™

Press release    - PDF file (62K)

Pictures            - ZIP file (1.14 MB)

Pictures            - ZIP file (1.08 MB)

October 2008

Casino Technology products on focus at G2E 2008 - GEMINI SENSA™

Press release    - PDF file (62K)

Pictures            - ZIP file (543 KB)

September 2008

Another successful raid for Casino Technology GEMINI series

Press release    - PDF file (66K)

Picture 1            - ZIP file (4.4MB)

Picture 2            - ZIP file (1.7MB)

August 2008

Casino Technology's Latin American Branch Marks Further Success in the Region

Press release    - PDF file (66K)

Picture 1            - ZIP file (2.8MB)

Picture 2            - ZIP file (1.5MB)

Traditions and Innovations for the Romanian market

Press release    - PDF file (66K)

Pictures             - ZIP file (2.3MB)

July 2008

Casino Technology Is Racing Ahead the Markets of SE Asia

Press release    - PDF file (66K)

Pictures             - ZIP file (1.8MB)

June 2008

Casino Technology in Latin America

Press release    - PDF file (63K)

Pictures             - ZIP file (2.12MB)

April 2008

Casino Technology Launches a Range of Innovations for G2E Asia

Press release    - PDF file (64K)

Pictures             - ZIP file (2.15 MB)

Mart 2008

PlayMe Further

Press release            PDF file (70K)

PlayMe Further - SPANISH

Press release            PDF file (70K)

Picture 1             ZIP file (1.55 MB)

Picture 2             ZIP file (1.54 MB)

Picture 3             ZIP file (3.33 MB)

February 2008

Pictures from Casino Technology stand ICE 2008

Casino Technology stand at ICE 2008 - ZIP file (3.38 MB)

The innovative PlayMe grand-piano roulette exhibited at ICE 2008 - ZIP file (3.33 MB)

Sonia Nikolova - Casino Technology Sales Director with 2 of the latest videoslots from the company Golden Bird and Carnival King - ZIP file (4.15 MB)

The famous GEMINI video-slot series with QCM multi-level jackpot - ZIP file (5.06 MB)

December 2007

G2E Report

Press release    - PDF file (70K)

Pictures             - ZIP file (8.23 MB)

October 2007

Touch me! PlayMe™! Thrill me!

Press release    - PDF file (73K)

Pictures             - ZIP file (3.45 MB)

September 2007

Casino Technology got the Best Stand award at Peru Gaming Show

Press release    - PDF file (68K)

Pictures             - ZIP file (1.43 MB)

August 2007

Casino Technology launches a range of new video slot products on a PC-based platform

Press release    - PDF file (50K)

Pictures             - ZIP file (2.17 MB) - The latest video slots from Casino Technology, which use a new PC-based platform.

July 2007

Casino Technology presents a wide range of new products at Peru Gaming Show

Press release    - PDF file (69K)

Pictures              - ZIP file (1.98 MB) - The latest video slot games from GEMINI series

June 2007

Casino Technology at FADJA

Press release    - PDF file (68K)

Picture              - ZIP file (1.90 MB)

Gamopolis slots tournament draws players to casinos

Press release    - PDF file (69K)

Picture 1            - ZIP file (507K)

Picture 2            - ZIP file (109K)

Picture 3            - ZIP file (1MB)

May 2007

Pictures from Casino Technology stand Svet Zabavy 2007

Picture 1           - ZIP file (1.84 MB) - Casino Technology stand - general view

Picture 2           - ZIP file (1.98 MB) - MULTI GEMINI range assisted by nice attendants at the stand

Picture 3           - ZIP file (3.24 MB) - The whole variety of GEMINI series, complemented by QUATRO CASH MANIA original jackpot signs

Picture 4           - ZIP file (3.21 MB) - GEMINI series group linked to QUATRO CASH MANIA jackpot

Picture 5           - ZIP file (3.34 MB) - General view of the stand, including CASINO KING 8-seat automatic roulette

Could Casino Technology products and Viva! Casinos be the new formula to success?

Press release    - PDF file (68K)

Picture              - ZIP file (172K)

April 2007

Casino Technology expands at the Balkans

Press release    - PDF file (68K)

Picture 1           - ZIP file (2MB)

Picture 2           - ZIP file (1.8MB)

GAMOPOLIS wins the Czech market

Press release    - PDF file (68K)

Picture 1           - ZIP file (1MB)

Mart 2007

Casino Technology further develops their new multi game range

Press release    - PDF file (70K)

Picture 1           - ZIP file (0.6MB)

January 2007

Pictures from Casino Technology stand ICE 2007

Picture 1           - ZIP file (1.75 MB) - Casino Technology sales team

Picture 2           - ZIP file (1.98 MB) - Casino Technology full product range

Picture 3           - ZIP file (2.91 MB) - Casino Technology GEMINI range

December 2006

Multi Gemini - a new multi game release by Casino Technology to be launched at ICE

Press release   - PDF file (63KB)

Pictures           - ZIP file (770 KB)

Casino Technology breaks personal Games Launch Record - Six new games at ICE

Press release   - PDF file (65KB)

Pictures           - ZIP file (1.8 MB)

Casino Technology was honoured to receive Heber’s 500 000th gaming controller at G2E

Press release   - PDF file (69KB)

Picture1           - ZIP file (470 KB)

Picture2           - ZIP file (1.1 MB)