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Automatic Roulette multiplayer station

This development provides unique entertainment value along with an increased number of player seats.
PLAYME DUELING PIANO is a configuration of two grand-piano cabinets with a shared automatic (or semi-automatic) roulette wheel that can either work in a group or as stand-alone roulette terminals independent from each other.
The product is designed for any size of premises and has the capacity to serve more players with lower staff costs. The two grand pianos are easily configurable to fit to square of rectangular areas as that they can be aligned with the central roulette wheel in several different positions.

An additional attraction and excitement comes with the option for dueling pianists, which enhances the entertainment element and ensures great live atmosphere in the gaming area.
Bold shapes and daring concept of the product makes it perfect solution for gaming floors, to attract more and varied clients.
As with the classic PlayMe roulette model additional stand-alone betting terminals could be positioned remotely and linked to the wheel of the main unit.

It is a unique tool on the gaming floor combining the gambling thrill with socializing and communication potential of the table games and the music performance at once.

PlayMe Dueling Piano Brochure:

PlayMe Dueling Piano.pdf ( 715 KB)