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Alchemic Fusion is a 4-level jackpot system. Each level is hit within preset limits. The system can be configured as a Mystery or a Mystery-Progressive Jackpot.

As a Mystery jackpot, the winning slot machine and the jackpot level are randomly chosen by the jackpot server with a win probability directly proportional to the bet level on the winning machine. The system allows connects to slot machines from any manufacturer, as long as they support mechanical ‘Bet’ meters.

When the system is set to work as Mystery-Progressive jackpot, the jackpot server randomly chooses the winning slot machine (with a probability proportional to the bet level). The player then enters an additional bonus screen and plays to win one of the four levels. The bonus screen shows 30 parchment rolls, covering lead, bronze, silver or gold metal bars. The Player reveals them one by one until he collects four matching pieces, winning the respective jackpot.

In either mode, Mystery or Mystery-Progressive jackpot, there are two different contribution modes: through base values or through a ‘Hidden’ jackpot.

The operator can independently configure the parameters of the 4 jackpot levels, including: credit contribution, base value of each level (if the system is in base values mode), the prize limits and contribution percentage for the ‘hidden’ jackpot. After each change in settings the system automatically recalculates the total percent of each level and its hit frequency.

Alchemic Fusion Alchemic Fusion Alchemic Fusion

Jackpot visualization:

The jackpot can be visualized on different jackpot displays with any of the Quatro Cash Mania themes: Alchemic Joy, Zeppelin Respin and Columbus Treasure, or the latest theme MOTORMANIA, featuring last generation 3D animations.

System components:

  • Jackpot server
  • Jackpot display with built-in LCD (or plasma) monitors
  • Video slots, compatible with the system:
    Mystery jackpot mode - slot machines from all manufacturers supporting mechanical ‘Bet’ meters.
    Mystery-Progressive jackpot mode – all ATLAS–based games from Casino Technology.